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Cuda Automatic parts washers – aqueous based and solvent free

Automatic parts washers – aqueous based and solvent free

Cuda automatic parts washers offer an aqueous based cleaning solution for businesses that need to clean engine parts or other components. Unlike solvent-based washers, Cuda automatic parts washers are the safe alternative for cleaning parts, using no solvents. As an employer, you want what’s best for your associates. By choosing an aqueous based parts washer, you won’t need to worry about the effects of harsh chemicals on you or your employees.

Let us show you how quickly this equipment will pay for itself Mattson Distributing will assist you in choosing a parts washer that’s right for your business. Available in over 20 different sizes and electrical configurations, you are sure to find a model ideal for the products you are cleaning. Technicians can simply load dirty parts, turn the dial and walk away to perform other work, instead of scrubbing parts by hand. Thousands of automotive professionals agree that an automatic parts washer quickly pays for itself in no time.

Cuda automatic parts washers are available in two styles – front loading or top loading. When equipped with Hotsy or Cuda’s biodegradable detergents specially formulated for parts washers, you have the best time-saving solution possible for cleaning parts. To learn more about the benefits of aqueous based cleaning, contact the sales team at Mattson Distributing in Boise, Idaho. Call today for pricing!

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