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Hosty hot water pressure washers – speed cleaning by cutting through grease and grime quickly!

Hosty hot water pressure washers – speed cleaning by cutting through grease and grime quickly!

Why choose a hot water pressure washer? The answer is simple…a hot water pressure washer uses the powerful force of high-pressure water combined with heat to break up stubborn greases and oils, dissolving them instead of only pushing them around.

We proudly carry Hotsy hot water pressure washers, and as the name implies, they are known for being hot! Hotsy hot water washers are equipped with efficient upright burners with superb heat transfer. Hotsy manufactures heating coils in eleven different sizes so that each pressure washer model had the proper sized coil to heat the water – plus each coil is backed by a 5-year warranty.

We’ll help determine which style of hot water pressure washer is right for you
Request a Free On-Site Demo Mattson Distributing Company will first help you determine if you need a hot water pressure washer, and if so, which type is best for you. Hotsy’s are heated with fuel oil, diesel, natural gas, electric or propane, and powered by electric or gasoline, so the choices are numerous. But not to worry, our knowledgeable staff will consult with you to determine what fuel type will work for your cleaning application, and which provides a more affordable solution. Combined with Hotsy accessories, you’ll have superior cleaning power when tackling the toughest jobs.

Give us a call today to learn more about Hotsy hot water pressure washers, or follow the links below to see the specs on each series. We’d love to show you a hot water washer in person, so call for your free on-site demonstration.

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